Meet the Band

The Dirty Blondes Band originated in 2006, when Christy and Al met playing in a Blues band decided to create a more commercially viable project. The band solidified with the rhythm section when Pete was recruited on bass and Jamie took over on drums.

Lisa Deane, Christy's Black River Girls partner and good friend, came on as lead vocalist and the band gelled and has been gigging steadily ever since!

With Lisa's amazing vocal chops, Al's incendiary guitar work, Pete's solid rhythmic bass, Jamie's hard driving and tasteful drumming and Christy's creative fills and foundation.

The Dirty Blondes Band are a synergistic force with a crowd pleasing repertoire and dynamic stage presence. Also, we have exceptional original songs and have been featured on local radio stations!

Lisa Deane

Lead Singer, Acoustic Guitar, and Harmonica

Born in New York City Lisa started playing guitar and singing as a young teenager in the folk style inspired by her parents who also played guitar and the music of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez in their home.

After studying musical theatre in college Lisa performed in Cabaret clubs in NYC and later joined an all-original 80's style rock band called "Kitsch" performing with them in NY clubs such as Max's Kansas City and CBGB's.

Influenced by artists such as Etta James, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklyn and Bonnie Raitt, Lisa honed her chops in blues and Rock by joining a few cover bands across the United states and in the NY/NJ area.

Lisa met Christy when she settled down in New Jersey and together they formed "The Black River Girls" an acoustic duet that later evolved into "The Dirty Blondes Band".

And the rest is history!

Christy Jones Segale

Guitar and Vocals

Music and the guitar have fascinated Christy Jones since she was a child. Inspired by her uncle, a songwriter and Appalachian musician, and influenced by Santana, jimi Hendrix and the Monkees, she formed a girl band at age twelve.

Growing up between Chicago and Gary, Indiana, she was also very influenced by Chicago Blues, Motown, and the Jackson 5, who lived nearby. In high school she loved Led Zeppelin, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Lynryd Skynyrd, and the myriad rock music that permeated the era.

Her family moved to NY and after she settled in NJ with children she formed an acoustic rock duo with Lisa Deane. She then formed the Dirty Blondes Rock Band, which has evolved into a powerful cover band and a creative original force to be reckoned with.

Jamie Tiger


Jamie Tiger started playing the drums at age 9, but not by choice. He wanted to play the saxophone, but his uncle had a snare drum he could "borrow." That turned out to be a good choice because 30 plus years later, he's still "borrowing" that snare drum. He received his first drum set when he was 10 and was instantly hooked. He joined his first band, Frozen Clock, his freshman year of high school. Frozen Clock gave way to a band called Highway who released two CDs.

Jamie's hard hitting style is rooted in classic rock, hard rock and metal influences: Hendrix, Cream, Deep Purple, The Who, Rush, Black Sabbath, Slayer and Anthrax just to name a few. "I love the way those guys play with such creativity, power and precision."

Jamie joined the Dirty Blondes in 2009 and has no plans of stopping. "Playing music is the only thing that, no matter how bad of a day you're having, instantly makes it better."

Al Mansueto

Guitar and Vocals

Al Mansueto, guitar and vocals. Influenced by the many great guitar players that originated from his neighborhood of Orange N.J., Bobby Bandiero, Billy Hector, Joe Formato to name a few.

Inspired musically by the style of Jimmy Paige, Carlos Santana, Dwayne Allman, and Steve Howell.

Had the experience and privilege to be a member of several outstanding bands like Sweet n Evil (rock and progressive rock playing and writing fusion originals to iconic cover songs), Deficit (rock, punk and grunge), and the original Mid-Life Crises (rock and heavy rock cover band).

Formed the Dirty Blondes in 2007 as a cover band with the intention to blend in the writing and performing of original music which has become a reality.

Since writing our first original song "Road to Somewhere" the originals have been more and more our focus challenging me and taking the band to a new level.

Pete Jacelone


Pete Jacelone was born into a musical family even as his father was touring as a professional musician during the Big Band era of the early 1950s.

He picked up his first bass in his early teens shortly after the British Invasion of The Beatles, and has been playing in local rock bands ever since.

He briefly gave up music during his post-college days to pursue a career in health care, but eventually succumbed to the lure of making music again with The Dirty Blondes.